Established in 2017, D&H Capital Management (“D&H”) is a Korea-registered investment management company founded by HT Kim (CEO) and David Hong (CIO). HT and David, high school friends, saw tremendous investment opportunities in the Korean stock market, in which significant market inefficiencies exist such that it is not rare to find even big name Korean companies trading at unrealistic valuation multiples. They studied investment strategies and philosophies throughout college and during professional experience at UBS (M&A, ECM), JPMorgan (Energy Sector), Sanford C. Bernstein (IT Sector), KJ Partners (Hedge fund), etc. and realized that special situation strategy works in Korea because 1) sophisticated overseas investors have difficulty covering Korean companies due to language issues (many company filings are only available in Korean), size issue, etc. and 2) many mid-to-small cap stocks in Korea are under-researched especially if they undergo complex special situations such as M&A, spin-off, etc. due to lack of managers with investment banking background. In Sep 2015, they launched a special-situation fund with no seed funding to test their hypothesis and have proved that they were right. In Oct 2017, D&H launched a special situation fund investing in Korean equities, and have been applying deep-dive and innovative research techniques to uncover company-specific investment opportunities that are uncorrelated with market or macro movements.

HT Kim (Managing Partner & CEO)

  • Boston College – B.A. in Finance and Accounting
  • UBS Investment Banking (Seoul, M&A/ECM)
  • Member of Mensa


David Hong (Managing Partner & CIO)

  • Cornell University – B.A. in Economics
  • JPMorgan Investment Banking (NY, Energy sector), Sanford C. Bernstein (NY, IT sector), KJ Partners (Seoul/NY, Hedge fund)