Principles & Culture

Our mission is to generate highest risk-adjusted long-term returns for our clients. We are committed to our principles of integrity, discipline, and excellence. We encourage our professionals to be extremely open, share disagreements, and test each other’s logic, and believe that publicly admitting mistakes is a good thing that would lead to improvements and innovation.

What we do

We focus on special situations to minimize correlation with the market while playing the company specific return profile (e.g. spin-offs, property monetization, holdco transitions, insider buying, privatization, share repurchase, investing along with strategic/financial shareholder, hidden control stakes). Our investment professionals have many years of experiences in analyzing, structuring and executing complex M&A, debt transactions, etc. and apply such private-market and complex situation analytics capacity in public market opportunities.

D&H Capital Management’s investment professionals bring profound experience in deep-dive company analysis and specials situations both in Korea and overseas